Waterproofing System


PVC membrane with Fleece back for a fully bonded system

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Technical Information
  1. Concrete Slab
  2. Concrete blinding (smooth finish)
  3. Insuwrap PVC waterproofing membrane (2500 TNL-FB = 2.50)
  4. Protective layer (non-woven geotextile 370 gsm)
  5. Concrete screed protection layer (50mm)
  6. Reinforced concrete underground raft slab
  7. Reinforced concrete retaining wall
  8. Neofil S10
  9. Insuwrap PVC waterproofing membrane (2500 TNL-FB = 2.50 mm thick) Fully adhered on retaining wall
  10. Protection board (9.70 mm thick)
  11. Hot air welding
  12. PVC Coated metal flashing
  13. Elastoseal PU25
Products included in this system
Monneli Epofinish C

Fairing Coat Solvent Free Epoxy Mortar

Monneli Epofloor E250

High Performance Epoxy Floor Coating

Monneli Epofloor LM

Line Marking Coating for Traffic

Monneli Epofloor UV2

UV Resistant Aliphatic Polyurethane Coating

Monneli Primer Poxy

Solvent Based Epoxy Primer

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