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Monneli Neocem Screed 100

Pre-mixed Floor Screed

NEOCEM SCREED 100 can be applied on any type of support as long as it is not subjected to rising humidity, like old or new concrete and stone. It is used to level horizontal surfaces prior to laying floor coverings.
NEOCEM SCREED 100 is used to produce bonded, un-bonded and floating screeds in internal areas. It is not recommended on ground supported concrete slabs without damp proof membrane
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Technical Information
Product Description

NEOCEM SCREED 100 is ready to use cement based floor screed. It is a single compound formulated specially from hydraulic cement, graded aggregates, silica sand, fiber and special chemical additives. It is ideal for leveling and smoothing uneven floors prior to laying decorative floor coverings, carpets, floor tiles, or any other finishing.

  • Excellent workability properties, good compaction
  • High strength and resistance to construction traffic
  • Eco-friendly - Low VOC
Packaging, Coverage / Consumption

NEOCEM SCREED 100 is supplied 50 Kg bags.

Consumption: 2.0 kg/m2 per millimeter of thickness.

Shelf Life & Storage

Keep in sheltered and dry place with a temperature between +5°C and +35°C. Shelf life is 12 months from date of production if stored properly.

Technical Properties




Wet Density at 25°C

2.1 kg/L

Workable time at 25°C

> 30mins


0.2 g/L

Aggregate Size


Compressive strength at 28 days (BS EN 196-1)

> 40 N / mm²

Flexural strength at 28 days (BS EN 196-1)

>8N / mm²

Tensile adhesion strength (BS 1881)


BRE Screed test (BS 8204 Pt.1}

1.8 mm

Water Absorption (BS EN 12390)

0.5 mm

Shrinkage test (ASTM C531)


Open to foot traffic at 25°C

48 hours

Full Traffic Use at 25°C

28 days

Service Temperature

-5°C to +80°C

Application Information
Instructions for use


NEOCEM SCREED 100 can be laid as a bonded screed by applying SBR Bonding Slurry to prepared concrete substrate as a bonding and priming layer. To prepare the SBR bonding slurry, mix 1 part of SBR LATEX RIPRESA with 2 parts of clean water and add 3 parts by weight of fresh cement and mix until a smooth consistency is achieved.

Scrub the mixed slurry into the concrete surface, while the slurry is not yet dry; apply NEOCEM SCREED 100 in order to ensure good adhesion with the substrate.

Un-bonded Screed (minimum thickness 50mm)

Concrete substrates should be neutralized by soaking with clean water prior to screed application. Free water on the surface should be allowed to disperse before laying the screed.

Floating Screed (minimum thickness 50mm)

For floating screed, place a suitable separating or damp proof membrane over the substrate before applying the screed mortar.


Pour into a container 4-5 liters of water for 50 kg bag of NEOCEM SCREED 100. Add the powder screed to the water and mix with a low speed electric drill fitted with a suitable paddle, until a uniform, lump free consistency mix is achieved. No further water should be added to the mix. Do not add water to the mix once it starts to set.


Pour the mixed product onto the surface and spread to the level about 10 mm above the bottom i.e.: giving it a surcharge. Then tamp down the screed heavily to the level to give it full compaction. Strike off excess screed material until the top level (above the batten) by running a straight edge ruler alongside it.

Fill any slightly low areas, re-compact and rule out. Finish the section of the screed just laid by wood float and steel trowel.
Protect the floor after leveling the mix from direct sunlight, high winds or rain.
It is possible to apply flooring material on top of NEOCEM SCREED 100 (such as ceramic, carpet, etc.) after nearly 7 days (depending on the thickness, the supports humidity and the weather conditions).


Curing of the completed floor shall be carried out using a combination of damp hessian and polythene sheeting for a period of no less than 3 days.


Tools and equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after use. Hardened materials should be removed mechanically.


  • During summer season or temperature higher than 35oC, working area should be covered to prevent the direct sun effects. Keep equipment cool and use cool water
  • Protect the freshly applied NEOCEM SCREED100 from direct sunlight and/or strong drying wind
  • NEOCEM SCREED100 should be cured for minimum 3 days with clean water
  • Most floor covering can be laid after 7 days
  • When applying the screed over tongue and groove timber floors or other surfaces, it is recommended to reinforced the screed with expanded metal or galvanized wire mesh
  • Do not use where negative hydrostatic pressure is evident (i.e. rising damp)
Surface Preparation

The surface should be sound, clean free from loose material, grease, laitance, dirt curing compound, etc.

Bonded screed (thickness from 10 to 50mm)

The base concrete should be sound, clean and uncontaminated. The surface must be well prepared for bonding by scabbing to expose the coarse aggregate. Fix any screed battens to level.

The surface should be swept to remove any loose material and wetted with clean water if the screed is placed in direct contact with the base.

Additional Information
Health & Safety

During application, wear appropriate protective clothing, goggles, gloves and respiratory equipment if necessary.


In case of contact with skin, rinse with water and again wash thoroughly with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice accordingly.


If ingested, obtain medical attention immediately. Do not induce vomiting.

Important note

The information in this Technical Data Sheet is based on Colmef Monneli’s experience. Colmef Monneli does not accept any liability arising from the use of its products as it has no direct or continuous control over where or how its products are applied. All Colmef Monneli’s Data Sheets are updates on regular basis. It is the user’s responsibility to obtain the latest version.

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