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Monneli Epochim K50

Chemical & Abrasion Resistant Anti Bacterial Wall & Floor Thin Epoxy Coating

Low vehicle traffic.
Schools and office buildings, restaurants and food factories.
Hospital & clinic procedure rooms and pharmaceutical plants.
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Technical Information
Product Description

Epochim K50 is a hygienic breathable coating based on formulated epoxy resin and curing agents specially selected for their ability to be applied and cured in a wide range of temperatures. The product is composed of 2 components; a base and a hardener, providing a lump-free smooth semi-gloss finish.

  • Near-Zero odor and VOC.
  • Self priming application.
  • Does not support the growth of mould, fungi or algae.
  • Ease of application.
  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Hygienic, impervious and easily cleanable.
  • Used for both floors and walls.
  • Available in 8 standard colors with possibility of custom RAL colors.
  • High bond, stronger than concrete cohesive strength.
  • Economic installation.
Packaging, Coverage / Consumption
  • 4 liters
  • 16 liters kit
Shelf Life & Storage

Original sealed bag of Epochim K50 has a shelf life of 12 months provided it is stored clear of ground in a dry and shaded place below 35⁰C.

Technical Properties
Solid Content (% Weight)


Recommended DFT / Coat


Pot Life at 12°C / 54°F (min)


Thin Film Dry Time (Hours)

at 12°C  5

at 40°C  2

Pot Life at 40°C / 104°C


Application Maximum Relative Humidity (%)


Max Re-coat / Top Coat Time at 12 °C


Max Re-Coat / Topcoat Time at 40°C


Bond Strength to Concrete ASTM D4541

>2 N/mm2

Water Permeability


Taber Abrasion ASTM D4060 CS17 Wheels (mg loss/1000cycles)


Porosity with no sealer NACE Sand TM-01-74


Pencil Hardness


Application Temperature


Volatile Organic Content (VOC)

<5gm / Liter

Bacterial Resistance ASTM G22-76

No Growth (Pass)

Fungal Resistance STM G21-13

Rating 0 (Pass)

Application Information
Instructions for use

Laitance and weak surface layer shall be removed using mechanical methods such as grinding or blasting necessary repairs should be made prior to application by using epoxy mortar from Epofinish.
New concrete floors shall be at least 28 days old with moisture content or less than 5% (shall earlier application be required testing of substrate for moisture conditions shall be made).

Steel substrates should be grit blasted to surface quality SA21/2 (BS 432: Second Quality) and application shall take place within 2 to 4 hours after blasting.


The generally no primer is required for the use of
Epochim K50, however, use Primer Poxy FF where highly absorbent cementitious surfaces.


The individual components of Epochim K50 should be thouroughly stirred before the three are mixed together. The entire contents of the hardener container should be poured into the base container and the materials mixed thoroughly for at least 3 minutes. The use of a heavy-duty slow speed, flameproof or air driven drill fitted with a mixing paddle is desirable.


The mixed Epochim K50 should be applied to the  prepared surface using a brush or lambs-wool roller. Ensure that the area is completely coated and that ‘ponding’ of the material does not occur. 


The applied coating can receive foot traffic in 24 hours, however it shall be allowed to cure for 7 days to achieve full cure to receive vehicular traffic and its chemical resistance properties.

Surface Preparation

The surface must be sound, clean free from loose material, grease, laitance, dirt curing compound, etc.



Additional Information
Health & Safety

Epochim K50 should not come into contact with skin and eyes or be swallowed. Ensure adequate ventilation and avoid inhalation of vapors. Some people are sensitive to resins, hardeners and solvents. Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye protection. If working on confined areas, suitable respiratory protective equipment must be used. The use of barrier creams provide additional skin protection. In case of contact with skin, rinse with plenty of clean water, then cleanse with soap and water. Do not use solvent. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately - Do not induce vomiting. 
Epochim K50 is non-flammable. No smoking. In the event of fire extinguish with CO2, or foam.

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Technical Properties Sheet
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