Joint Sealants


Monneli Conmastic

Highly Rubberized Bitumen Sealant

Sealing low movement joints in concrete pavements, bridges, building structures, etc.
Sealing joints at waterproofing membrane termination grooves, filling gaps and sealing between brick work and roof flashing
Sealant for tiles, slates, manhole covers, around pipe entries, pipe joints, seawalls, subways and basement structures
Filling cracks and in roofing materials such as felt, lead, zinc, steel, corrugated cement sheets
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Technical Information
Product Description

CONMASTIC is a single component, ready to use bitumen sealant with selected grade of asphalt, high content of elastomeric rubber, fibres, mineral filler, anti-sagging agent and fast evaporating solvent. CONMASTIC can be used for sealing and waterproofing of joints, cracks, holes, etc. Once cured, CONMASTIC forms black flexible sealant with excellent adhesion to most of construction products.


n Single component, ready to use formulation. No preheating is required

n Excellent adhesion and bonding properties

n Good expansion and contraction properties

n Good mechanical properties

n Easy applied by tools or by gun

n Resistant to bacterial attack

Packaging, Coverage / Consumption


CONMASTIC is supplied in 20kg pails



1 Kg. of CONMASTIC will approximately fill the following lengths.


Joint Width


Joint Depth


Sealed Length


10 5 16
15 8 8.5
20 10 5
25 12 3.5
30 15 2.2
Shelf Life & Storage


One year in closed containers stored under moderate temperature (+10ºC to +40ºC).

Technical Properties
Appearance  Semi stiff paste 
Colour  Black 
Density at 25°C  1.16 kg/L 
Application temperature 0°C to +40°C
Service temperature 0°C to +80°C
Setting time 24 to 48 hrs. depending upon
conditions of exposure
Movement accommodation factor 10% (for butt joints)
Chemical resistance Diluted acids and alkali
Flash point 60°C
All values are subject to 5-10 % tolerance
Application Information
Instructions for use

Surface  Preparation

All surfaces should be free from loose debris, dirt and grease. CONMASTIC may be applied to surfaces which are dry or damp but not wet.

Joint depth must not exceed the width. Ideally the width should be twice the depth. In all cases joint width should not be less than 6 mm. Maximum width recommend should not exceed 30 mm.

It is recommended to use bitumen primer to seal CONMASTIC under dusty conditions or on porous surfaces.


Stir the product thoroughly before use. Product will be ready for use.


CONMASTIC can be applied by trowel, putty knife, scraper or caulking gun. Voids and honeycombs should be repaired on the sides and bottoms of the joint before applying the primer.

If a good finish of joint is required, use masking tape before priming to cover the edges. Remove the tape immediately after applying the sealant.

Apply CONMASTIC into the joint firmly to ensure complete contact with the joint faces.

For filling joints in concrete pavements, it is recommended to leave the sealants a few minute below the pavement level.


Tools and equipment used should be cleaned using SOLVENTE 10.


n CONMASTIC is not recommended for moving joints or frequent traffic. It is also not recommended for joints in chemical compounds such as solvents, fuels, lubricants.

Additional Information
Health & Safety

Wear protecting gloves and goggles during application of CONMASTIC.

Allow adequate ventilation when working in closed areas. Splashes to eyes should be washed immediately with abundant water. Avoid smoking, direct flame or any sources of ignition while applying CONMASTIC.

Important note

The information in this Technical Data Sheet is based on Colmef Monneli’s experience. Colmef Monneli does not accept any liability arising from the use of its products as it has no direct or continuous control over where or how its products are applied. All Colmef Monneli’s Data Sheets are updates on regular basis. It is the user’s responsibility to obtain the latest version.

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