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Monneli Anchor Fix EP


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Technical Information
Product Description

ANCHOR FIX EP is a pure epoxy resin grout use for general purpose horizontal and vertical anchoring in rock, concrete, brick or solid masonry.

  • High load capacity
  • Fixing close to free edge
  • Vibration resistant
  • Styrene free
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Ecofriendly, low VOC
  • Easy to use
Compiliance Standard

ASTM C881, Type I, II, IV, & V, Grade 3, Class B & C

Packaging, Coverage / Consumption


ANCHOR FIX EP is supplied in 400mL cartridges

Shelf Life & Storage

18 months when stored at 5 to 300C or less in a frost-free, dry and shaded area.

Technical Properties



 Grey powder

Compressive yield strength (ASTM D695)
At  7 days 65.5  N/mm2


Compressive modulus (ASTM D695)
At 7 days    1310  N/mm2
Tensile strength (ASTM D638)
At 7 days  46 N/mm2
Elongation at 7 days (ASTM D638)


Heat deflection temperature at 7 days (ASTM D648)


Water absorption at 24 hours (ASTM D570)


Linear coefficient of shrinkage (ASTM D2566)


Application Information
Instructions for use

Hole Preparation

Anchor bolt holes should be drilled using air or rotary percussive drilling equipment. If diamond core or non-percissive drilling equipment. If diamond core or non-percussive drills are used then the sides of the hole must be thoroughly roughened.

Hole Cleaning

Drilling debris and dust must be thoroughly cleaned from the hole using a stiff nylon bottle brush and clean compressed air and / or clean water. If water is used, the hole may be left damp or even full of water, but the water and the sides of the hole must be clean.


Drill the hole to the correct diameter and depth using a rotary percussive machine. Clean the hole using a stiff wire or nylon brush and clean compressed air blow pump.

Once the hole is prepared, remove the screw cap and red plug from the cartridge. Attach mixer nozzle, place in applicator gun and dispense the first part of the cartridge to waste until an even color is achieved. Insert the mixer nozzle to the far end of the hole and half fill hole (depending upon application). Withdrawing the nozzle as the hole fills.

For deep holes, extension tubing can be used. Immediately insert the fixing. This should be done slowly with a slight twisting motion.

Excess resin should be removed from the mouth of the hole before it sets. Leave the fixing undisturbed until loading time has elapsed. Attach the fixture and thighten the nut.



Drilling debris and dust must be thoroughly cleaned from the hole using a stiff nylon bottle brush and clean compressed air or blow pump.


Load Testing

On-site load tests should always be performed to determine the actual performance prior to use, as it is dependent on many variables.

Gel and Loading Times

Temp. ºC Gel Time (mins) Loading Time (hours)
5 150 24
20 30 8
30 15 4
40 8 2
Additional Information
Health & Safety

This product is for industrial use only by trained operatives. It is potentially hazardous if not used correctly. Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) prior to the purchase and use of this product.

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