Flooring System

Epofloor SL IFT

Solvent free epoxy self-leveling topping (2.0-4.0mm)

Airport hangars
Chemical and pharmaceutical factories
Food factories
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Technical Information



Self leveling, High chemical resistance, High abrasion resistance,higher mechanical properties





Products included in this system
Monneli Elastoseal PS

Two Component Polysulphide Sealant

Monneli Epofinish IF

Solvent-Free Repair Mortar for Concrete Floors

Monneli Epofloor LM

Line Marking Coating for Traffic

Monneli Epofloor SL (IFT)

Solvent-Free Epoxy Self-Leveling Topping (2.0-4.0mm) for Concrete Floors

Monneli Primer Poxy (IF)

Penetrating Solvent-Free Epoxy Primer for Concrete Floors

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Epofloor E250 IF

Solvent free Epoxy topcoat

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