Wet Area System

SBS Modified Bituminous Waterproofing System
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Technical Information
  1. Concrete Substrate (Blinding)
  2. 1st Layer Bituflex
  3. 2nd Layer Bituflex
  4. Cementitious screed (Neocem Screed)
  5. Tile adhesive (Neofil 50 Flex)
  6. Tile grout (Fugacolor)
  7. Tiles
Products included in this system
Monneli Bituflex

Elastomeric SBS Modified Liquid Applied Waterproofing

Monneli Fugacolor

Water Repellant Anti-Fungus Tile Grout

Monneli Neocem Screed 100

Pre-mixed Floor Screed

Monneli Neocem Screed 30

Pre-mixed Floor Screed

Monneli Neofil F50 Flex

High Performance Cementitious Tile Adhesive with No Vertical Slip and Extended Open Time

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