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Technical Information
Product Description

EPOFLOOR P 1160 is a UV stable polyurethane based multi-component car park decking system for exposed and intermediate traffic decks where crack bridging and waterproofing properties are required.

  • Excellent abrasion resistance and crack-bridging capacity
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Even anti-skid finish
  • Formulated to suit Middle East conditions
Packaging, Coverage / Consumption
  • PRIMER PU - 15 liter pail
  • EPOFLOOR CF - 15 liter pail
  • EPOFLOOR P380 - 15 liter pail
  • EPOFLOOR P500 - 15 liter pail
  • EPOFLOOR LM - 15 liter pail
  • QUARTZO NO. 2 - 25 kg bag
  • SOLVENTE 10 - 20 liter pail


System Components


  • PRIMER PU: Single Component Polyurethane Primer
  • EPOFLOOR CF: Two Component tough elastomeric PU coating
  • EPOFLOOR P380: Single Component Polyurethane protective traffic coating
  • EPOFLOOR P500: Single Component Polyurethane UV resistant Traffic Coating
  • EPOFLOOR LM: Line Marking Coatin
Shelf Life & Storage

Store EPOFLOOR P 1160 in dry and covered shed. Exposure to extreme temperature and direct sun light results in the deterioration of the product’s efficiency and reduces its shelf life.

If stored as recommended its shelf life would be 12 months from the manufacturing date.

Technical Properties
Pot life at 25°C

60 minutes

Density at 25°C

1.05 kg/L

Dry Solid


Recoatable Time at 25°C

6 - 24 hours

Pot life at 25°C

45 minutes

Mix Density at 25°C

1.55 kg/L

Elongation at break

> 70%

Tensile Strength

6 N / mm²

Shore hardness (A)


Initial hardening (dry & touch)

5 hours

Complete hardening

7 days

Application temperature

+5ºC to +35ºC

Service resistance

–5ºC to +80ºC

Viscosity at 25°C, 50 s-1

800 MPas

Density at 25°C

1.5 kg/L


Up to 40%

Tensile Strength

25 N/mm2

Tear Strength

45 N/mm2

Solid Content


Open Time at 25°C

Minimum 45 min - Maximum 4 hours

Open to Foot Traffic at 25°C / 50% RH

6 - 8 hours

Open to Vehicular Traffic at 25°C / 50% RH

16 hours

Mix Density at 25°C

1.3 - 1.4 kg/L


Approximately 200%

Tensile Strength

Approximately 4.5N/mm2

Relative Atmospheric Humidity


Application Temperature

+5°C to +35°C

Water Vapor Diffusion Resistance Factor

Approximately 3000

Capable of bearing loads

After 48 hours


After Approximately 30 minutes

Solid Content


Density at 25°C

1.45 kg/L

Touch dry at 25ºC

Approximately 10 minutes

Application Temperature

5ºC to 35ºC

Recommend minimum dry film thickness

200 microns

Application Information
Instructions for use


Apply PRIMER PU, a high performance Polyurethane primer using a suitable roller at the rate of 5-6m2/Liter depending on the profile and porosity of the substrate. Allow the applied coat to cure until it is tack free.

The primer should be left to achieve a tack-free condition for 6-8 hours before applying the top coat. If the substrate is excessively porous, a second coat of primer must be applied again.

Intermediate Coat

EPOFLOOR CF is supplied in two pre-weighed packs (Component A – Base and Component B – Hardener) which are ready for immediate in-situ use. Stir in both components before use.

Add the hardener (Part B) to the Base (Part A) container and mix for 20-30 seconds using a heavy duty, slow speed drill fitted with a mixing paddle.

Transfer the mixed material to another pail and again remix for 30 seconds. Pour EPOFLOOR CF onto the primed surface at a rate minimum of 2.5 m²/Liter and spread evenly with a notched trowel. Continuous spiking with a spiked roller should be done to remove all entrapped air. Spiking adjacent layers is recommended at 50% overlaps. Spiking shall stop as soon as the coating starts to set.

While the coating is still wet, broadcast QUARTZO NO.2 at approximately 0.6-2.0 kg/m² (depending on the wearing coat thickness). After 24 hours cure, excess aggregate shall be brushed away.

Protective Traffic Coating

Stir EPOFLOOR P380 properly to ensure uniformity of color before application. Apply by roller or airless spray to the tack-free surface at the minimum rate of 4.0 m2 /Liter per coating.

UV Top Coat

To provide a UV resistant coating to the system and to enhance durability performance, apply one coat of EPOFLOOR P500 at a minimum rate of 4.0 m2/Liter for pedestrian traffic and 3.0 m2/Liter for vehicular traffic by roller or airless spray.

Line Marking Coating

Stir EPOFLOOR LM thoroughly prior to application. It can be applied with brush, roller or airless spray gun at a rate of 5m2/liter (200 microns wet). Dilute the product with 5-10% SOLVENTE 10, if airless spray gun is used. The nozzle tip of the gun should be from 4 to 6 mm. Apply the paint with a pressure of 30-40 psi.


Clean tools with SOLVENTE 10 promptly before material hardens. Cured material must be mechanically removed.


  • EPOFLOOR P 1160 should be applied to the prepared floor after a curing of 28 days or more has elapsed
  • EPOFLOOR P 1160 should not be applied to the following substrates: damp substrates, asphalt, PVC tiles or sheets, hardboard / chipboard
  • Do not apply EPOFLOOR P1160 when the humidity exceeds 90%
  • Make sure that the substrate temperature is +3°C higher than the dew point
Surface Preparation

The surface of the concrete to be prepared shall be sound, clean and uncontaminated.

This preparation shall be such as to leave a sound exposed concrete surface free from dust, loose particles and any deleterious matter. If the concrete surface is defective or has laitance, it must be cut back to a sound base. Excess laitance deposits are best removed by light mechanical scrabbling, grinding or grit/captive blasting followed by vacuum cleaning to remove dust debris.

Any blowholes, chipping or similar surface imperfections shall be repaired using EPOFINISH C, a solvent free epoxy resin repair mortar.

Expansion joints shall be repaired using EPOMORT S, a High strength solvent free epoxy mortar.

New concrete or cementitious surfaces should be allowed to cure and have moisture content not exceeding 5%. Old or existing floor should be refurbished mechanically to ensure clear sound substrate.

Additional Information
Health & Safety

Avoid contact with skin & eyes. Protective clothing such as gloves & safety goggles should be worn during application. Treat any splashes to the skin or eyes with fresh water immediately.


Should the product be accidentally swallowed, do not induce vomiting, but call for medical assistance immediately. Ensure adequate ventilation at site and avoid inhalation of vapors.

Important note

The information in this Technical Data Sheet is based on Colmef Monneli’s experience. Colmef Monneli does not accept any liability arising from the use of its products as it has no direct or continuous control over where or how its products are applied. All Colmef Monneli’s Data Sheets are updates on regular basis. It is the user’s responsibility to obtain the latest version.

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Technical Properties Sheet
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